Monday, December 5, 2005


Characterizing the business opportunity associated with the introduction of a new product is one of the most important tasks required of any entrepreneurial organization. The assessment of each specific opportunity sets the expectations of investors, employees and partners. An assessment performed objectively will help guarantee that you don't invest energy and capital commercializing the wrong product or one for which a market does not yet exist. It may even prevent you from starting an effort that may be destined for failure.

I've specialized in understanding what we think are the most important issues to consider during the assessment of any product's commercial potential. These include:
- estimate the available market and market access
- customer needs and bias analysis
- help with product definition
- pricing and costs
- competing technologies

Having a goal of being your entrepreneurial wing-man, please do reach out if I can provide helpful perspectives on developing your commercial hypothesis, exploring opportunities, and generally pursuing your new ventures.

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