Tuesday, August 15, 2006

more on our target themes

A recent article in the Stanford Social Innovation review captured some of our target "markets" effectively. They highlighted some major areas that deserve attention from the social, environment, and economic point of view. Consider them our"earth's current pain-points". Below is their top 10 list, one of my additions, and other general thoughts.
  1. Treating human waste: To me this should include new approaches or technologies for recycling both organic and inorganic materials.
  2. Cleaning the air: Examples are filtration devices for air and water for both industrial and consumer applications.
  3. Harnesing the sun: I would expand this to say "Harnessing natural energy" and I would include technologies or services that help harness the power of the sun, water, and wind to people.
  4. Enhancing nutrition: I think about the services or products that help bring more balanced nutrition to people around the world.
  5. Educating the world: Services and products that make knowledge more accessible to everyone and help connect people to potential role models.
  6. Fighting illiteracy: I would place this as a subset of education...
  7. Crafting inexpensive vaccines: New types of biotechnology that helps speed the current drug development pipeline, or alternatively, provides alternatives to current drugs.
  8. Helping people see: More broadly I would think of services and products allowing individuals across all socio-economic standings gain better health.
  9. Reducing child labor: Services and new ways of conducting commerce that not only reduce unfair labor for children, but help promote fair trade.
  10. Bridging the digital divide: Ideas that help bring technologies to those that are farthest from societies where leading technologies are being developed (one laptop per child comes to mind).
  11. Enhancing democracy and connecting people: Anything that helps with the proliferation of information and allows people to more easily connect to each other. Some parts of the world still live in information silos.
Although each of these efforts are very different, my hope is that by connecting people who are aware of these problems and have noble intents, a community will form to bring more of right types of innovations to the world -- faster!

The organization assists its target audience by connecting them to a like minded community and increasing general awareness to their cause. In addition, we provide strategic advice and referrals to projects which are demonstrating greatest potential. To support the community, InspiredInnovators.org maintains its own professional network and publishing channels. To raise awareness project efforts we provide visibility to community of potentially interested parties in entrepreneurial and venture capital industry.