Monday, June 17, 2013

entrepreneurial learnings from Bob Maxfield - founder of ROLM corporation, entrepreneur & investor

Here is a link to the full video

On June 17, 2013 I organized the first Rice Fireside Chat with Bob Maxfield (founder of ROLM Corporation) moderated by Forrest Baskett (Partner at NEA).  At the talk, Bob spoke about his experiences in Silicon Valley.  One of the topics he spent quite a bit of time on was on the corporate culture that ROLM had established and it's "Great Place to Work" corporate objectives.  Although the company was acquired in 1984 by IBM for $1.25B (, it is still remembered for its strong culture.  Even today there is activity and engagement between former employees as see by a very active Facebook group with ~1700 active members. I've included the four major tenets for you below, and additional details can be seen as well as through this link

Four goals comprise the ROLM Philosophy and define the ROLM environment:
1.    To earn a profit
2.    To grow
3.    To offer quality products and customer support
4.    To create a Great Place to Work.